Gate Openers

Automating your gate makes entering and exiting your property a lot easier. It saves you the stress of having to open and close the gate yourself. We recognize that security is an integral part of the home, and so the gate opener is also essential to the protection of the home. As they are best suited for large gates which may be tricky to manually open, utmost care must be taken when finding the perfect gate opener. This is where we come in; we provide you with access to the best gate openers for your electric gate.

Automatic gate openers give you control over who gets in and out of your property and also allows you to enter and exit your building without stress. Your choice in gate opener is dependent on the type of gate you have as well as your available power and safety needs. The safety features, convenience, and cutting edge technology of these automated gate openers have caused them to be a preferred choice of many people. Here are a few gate openers you can choose from:

Slide Gate Openers:

With a large selection of slide gate openers, we provide you with options to choose from. A slide gate is best suited for limited space behind a secured facility which causes the gate to run parallel to the wall. They are also excellent choices for properties located in steep grades which prevent the use of swing gates. With V-groove wheels on a track, the gate roller guides keep the gate upright and guide its movement.

We offer you the best choices in slide gate openers, making your gate automation easy. Through a sensor device in the keypad of the slider gate opener, the gate opens and closes on command.

Swing Gate Openers:

A swing gate opens and closes from a hinge point, and a swing gate opener makes this possible. There are three major types of swing gate openers:

An above-ground ram arm opener is located at the gate post and travels in and out using a piston. With an arm that extends to the gate, the articulating opener is built in the form of a box.

The underground opener, on the other hand, uses the hinge just like the articulating opener the gate is operated using a link arm. 

Solar Gate Openers

Solar-powered gate openers are perfect for areas where city power is not steady. They are excellent choices for areas located away from the city power’s supply and gets direct sunlight supply throughout the day. These openers are powered by solar energy from the sun. Before settling on these gate openers option, there are quite several factors to consider which include: the gate’s location, the frequency of its use, battery reserves, your solar zone, and so on.

We help you in choosing the best gate opener for your gate. Providing your property with the security it needs and makes it convenient to move in and out of your property.